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Where can I get the COVID-19 vaccine in Michigan? We are trying to find out.

We are checking hospitals and pharmacies periodically to find sites that are currently scheduling vaccine appointments.

If you are a 16+ Michigander, here are a few things you can do right now:

Schedule an appointment using the vaccine scheduler from Rite Aid. Here are the locations that we think are most likely to be scheduling appointments:
Schedule an appointment at Walgreens using their scheduler.
Register with Spectrum health (registration link), MidMichigan Health (registration link), and Bronson Health (registration link) to get on their lists for the vaccine.
Register with Meijer to get on their list for the vaccine.
Look at our Twitter feed to see if there are any recent walk-in or pop-up clinics in your locality.
Search for your county health department on our County Policies page to see if they have organized a vaccine clinic.
Register with Family Fare to get on their waitlist for the vaccine.
Sign up using the COVID-19 Vaccine link on Hometown Pharmacy to get on their waitlist for the vaccine.

Michigan’s statewide COVID-19 vaccination program has been evolving rapidly. Federal, state, and county officials are all publishing frequent updates on a variety of websites. These government websites are your best source for official information.

We are a community-led website and do not represent the government or any healthcare provider.

If you have a missing location to report, or think we have incorrect contact information, please let us know. You can also send a text message to (734) 206-7841 that will reach us. Note that this number cannot receive calls or reply directly.

A volunteer effort by Michiganders and friends. Inspired by the VaccinateCA project.